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How Much Will My Roof Cost?

1 – Layers

We always recommend tearing off the existing shingles because: Roofs are heavy! Each additional layer is a huge load on the rafters. Without tearing off, we cant see if the decking is rotted underneath We wouldn’t do a layover on our own home so we don’t want to do a disservice to our customers by giving them a roof that isn’t built to last

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2 – How tall and steep is the roof?

Have you tried walking on a steep roof that is high off the ground? It isn’t easy! It also requires extra layers of safety. These roofs tend to take longer due to the fact that they aren’t easy to navigate, resulting in a higher cost.

3 – How old is the home?

Older homes sometimes have spaced decking. That means, sometimes you will nail into a surface and sometimes you won’t. When we come across spaced decking, we almost always have to replace it with OSB to ensure we are nailing into the substrate across the entire surface of the roof.

4 – Material

We get a lot of questions about the price of metal vs shingles. Metal roofs tend to be more expensive as they cost more to buy the materials and install. Shingle roofs come with A LOT of options and great warranties so we can usually figure out the best option within the homeowner’s budget.

Want to know what it will cost to have your roof replaced?

We now offer an option to get an instant “Ruff Estimate” customized to your home! You enter a few details about your home and it will give you an instant price estimate for our Good, Better and Best options for CertainTeed Shingle Roof Systems. You can print the repost or have it emailed. We are so excited to launch this! *to sign a contract, project managers still need to visit the home in person to fine tune the estimate and double check the measurements and pitch of roof, evaluate layers, etc.

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