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Why We Choose To Install CertainTeed Shingles

At Whitney Roofing, our top priorities are quality and service. Every year we work towards more training and becoming certified in all the top of the line products we use. We are factory trained and certified to install CertainTeed shingles, and we feel they are one of the best roofing products on the market. Read below and watch the video to learn why we partner with CertainTeed shingles.

1 – Let’s talk environment.

CertainTeed manufacturing facilities recycle close to 90% of production waste into asphalt materials used for road construction. They divert over 250,000 tons/year of slag, granules, and corrugated mixed paper from landfills by recycling this material into their products.

2 – Warranties is where it is at!

Since Whitney Roofing Inc is registered as a CertainTeed Select Shingle Master, we are authorized to be able to offer Surestart Warranties for a small, additional fee. Once we register the roof with a 4-Star protection, that CertainTeed integrity roof system is covered in the event of a manufacturing defect for 50 years. This covers: Material, Labor, Tear off and Dump Fee!

3 – Algae Resistance

If you are ever driving through a neighborhood, look at other roofs and you are bound to see streaking on many of them. These streaks are usually algae, common in Illinois. CertainTeed developed a blend that contains algae resistant copper. This will help keep your roof looking beautiful for many years to come!

4 – Options!

CertainTeed offers the broadest range of color and style choices. There are also several CertainTeed levels of shingles that come with a Class 4 impact rating and wind warranty up to 130mph! Inquire with us about which products fall into which classes!

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